Pre-Festival Jobs

Poster Distribution Three Weeks before Festival
Distribute Festival Posters to businesses in the South Orange area. Must have Car.

Festival Clerical Work
Help with general clerical work at the SOIBF Office during week days between 10am and 4pm. Computer skills (Microsoft Office and Windows) are helpful. Also filing, stuffing envelopes, or similar work.

Festival Program Writers
Help create the festival program. Computer skills (Microsoft Office, and Adobe Creative Suite) a must! May work at home or at the SOIBF Office during week days between 10am and 4pm. Must attend two weekend meetings in early May and June. (exact dates

Festival Program Ad Sellers
Help sell ads in the festival program. May work at home. Contact past festival sponsors by phone and email to solicit ads for the festival program.

Festival Press Relations
Help write press releases, contact reporters etc. Get the word out about the Festival. Some experience with public relations helpful.

Site Preparations:
This Committee begins months earlier than most other Committees and is vital to the success of our Festival.


Festival Setup and Teardown

Arts & Crafts Row Setup AND Tear-down
You will help vendors and craftspeople carry their merchandise from their cars to their booths, using a dolly. You MUST work both morning and evening parts of this job! This is an active job that requires lifting and carrying.

Load In/Load Out Crew
You will help move Festival Supplies and Equipment from and to the SOIBF Site. Some heavy lifting required.

Site Decoration and Signs Setup AND Tear-down
Volunteers from all Committees will be a part of the pre and post-Festival activities: A great time to meet volunteers from different Committees!

Site Setup Setup AND Tear-down
Volunteers from all Committees will be a part of the pre and post-Festival activities: A great time to meet volunteers from different Committees!

Street Signs Setup AND Tear-down
Do you like telling people where to go? Then the Signage Committee is for you! Help with the set-up and take down of the Festival signs and banners on the site and around town. Teams of two will follow maps and drive around the South Orange area, putting up direction signs. You will take down the same signs you put up. You MUST have an available car to use.


Festival Operations

Accounting/Cash Team
You will assist all Committees that process money, specializing in cash handling, register cash-out, and deposit pick-up. This Committee needs individuals who are detail oriented and are comfortable handling money.Specific training will occur during your shift. Volunteers must still attend general training session.

You may find yourself doing any of the jobs on this page, or running errands, according to need! You’ll wait to find out at the Volunteer Registration Table, then go wherever the need is greatest.

Children’s Activities
Provides fun activities for children? We are open to any new ideas you may have to make the 2010 Festival a great year for kids! Assist staff members with children’s activities (this is NOT childcare – parents will attend). Games, songs, dances, etc. *

Why work for the Gap when you can sell our wonderful SOIBF Festival T-shirts and other SOIBF merchandise, restock displays, and answer questions. Usually seated and in the shade! Its sometimes hectic and high pressure, but everyone who does this job says it’s fun! Retail experience is a plus. If you have the salesmanship moxie in your blood then this is your Committee!

First Aid
Provide non-emergency medical attention as needed, to all Festival participants. If you have an active First Aid Level 1 (or higher) certificate, and/or you are employed as a medical practitioner we would be delighted for you to join this Committee

Information Centre:
Teams of two, answer questions about the festival and every subject imaginable. Providing the public with information on schedule changes, site layout and community services. The Centre also offers Festival programs. Great for pairs of spouses or friends! A fun way to learn all about the festival.

Instrument Check
You will check instruments in and out of our Instrument Check Room. This is active work with some heavy lifting. Very busy during workshop breaks & slow in between.

Instrument Consignment
Help staff members supervise the sale of used instruments and monitor security at the entrance/exit. A great opportunity to see lots of different instruments and talk directly to the sellers.


Festival Volunteer Job Descriptions

Media/Special Access:
This crew organizes interviews between the Performers, the Festival Artistic Director, and the Media (e.g. print, radio and television).

Do you enjoy the sun? Do you like being busy in a fast paced environment? The time will fly by as you help direct traffic in the paid parking area.

Performer Hospitality:
Provide meals and rub elbows with the Festival Stars. Must have cooking experience- be patient and flexible.

Performer Transportation:
Transporting the Performers from the NEWARK/LIBERTY International Airport to South Orange, as well as between the Festivals and their accommodations. Class C license is an asset.

Festival photographers will be expected to photograph targets identified by the coordinator. Targets include groups on stage, in workshops, and individuals. Must have applied experience, and submit samples for evaluation before being assigned. Must use DIGITAL CAMERA with high resolution setting and turn over CD with high resolution files.

Do you enjoy cracking heads and being the big tough guy in the room? If yes, this is not the Committee for you. We need calm, assertive and nonjudgmental individuals. Although, at times we need volunteers to enforce rules and policies, but most of the time, the security volunteers are the first contact our patrons will have and we want our Festival to exude the impression of a relaxed and easy-going atmosphere.

Site Crew:
You will work as an assistant to the Festival Site Director. You will help the Festival Site Director run the festival. Must be willing to pitch in and help where needed.

Sound System Technician:
You’ll help run the sound boards for the concert and dance areas – TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED! Describe your relevant experience and the Sound Coordinator will call you.

Stage Crew:
You will help with the technical set-up and running of performance stages. Familiarity with sound equipment, microphones, and basic knowledge of performances requirements are all assets. This is a very fast paced environment and you have to be on your toes to ensure all of the Festival Performers are on stage and on time to start their program.

Stage Manager Assistant:
You’ll help the Stage Managers run the concert stages. Help performers get on and off the stage, etc as needed.

Telephone Operator:
Work answering phone lines, answering questions, giving directions & relaying messages via two way radio to staff members.

Transport Arriving or Departing Visitors:
You will make two round trips to pick up Festival artists at LAX and deliver them either to a nearby home or to the Festival hotel in Woodland Hills, using your own vehicle. A large car or van would be very useful! Driver’s License and Proof of Insurance are required.

Vendor Liaison:
This team directs the food and craft vendors to their designated area at the site, and is the main liaison between the Festival and the vendor. Keeping our vendors happy and feeling supported is the main duty of this Committee.

Volunteer & Staff Registration:
You’ll help a staff member check in Festival volunteers, put wristbands on them, and hand out nametags, T-shirts, and information. You mostly sit, but may also run some errands. Mornings are busy.

Volunteer Centre:
Assist the Volunteer Coordinator to run the Volunteer Centre and help out in all activities directly related to supporting the Festival Volunteers.

Volunteer Hospitality:
Provide and serve meals, snacks, and refreshments to Volunteers throughout the weekend of the Festival.

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